Appointments:Appointments to be made by email ( /phone +91 9840190765 with two alternative date requests. The appointment may be confirmed for a morning session at 9.00am or evening session at 8.00pm.

Appointments for outstation/international Wellness Care Clients:Appointments to be made by email/ phone with two alternate date requests. The appointment may be confirmed for a night session of 10pm. A photo of the Wellness care client with family, a diagram of the office and residence with the furniture placement along with a Demand Draft to be couriered to Dr Amit K. Saiya at Energy Medicine Research Foundation's correspondence address. The Wellness Care Client will then be able to consult on mobile/Skype/yahoo messenger.

Consultation Policy :Wellness Care Clients consulting in Person at Chennai are requested to make a payment of Rs.1,900/- for a 2 hour , energy Medicine Therapy Session.

Outstation Wellness Care Clients are requested to make a payment of Rs.2,100/-.

International Wellness Care Clients are requested to make a payment of Rs.3,000/-.

The above Payment includes follow up by email/mobile in connection with the Hamoniesation suggestions and its application only upto a period of 45 Days from date of session – Requests for further consulting will be regarded as a fresh consultation with the charges conveyed by the foundation.

Payment Policies:
1.Wellness Care clients resident in Chennai to make a cheque in favour of the foundation.
2.Out station/ International Wellness Care Clients to purchase a Demand Draft as specified above, in favour of the foundation.

Do courier the cheque/ demand draft to the Energy Medicine Reearch Foundation's correspondence address. An appointment will be confirmed only on receipt of the same.

Cancellation Policy:A 48-hour cancellation policy has been implemented. Your appointment will be confirmed on receipt of your donation payment and letter. As a courtesy, we will text message / sms to confirm the appointment at least 2 days in advance. It will then be the wellness care client's responsibility to keep the appointment or reschedule A rescheduling donation will stand applicable in the event of the above .

Email/Mobile Policy: Dr Amit K.Saiya is available for brief communication and questions by email/mobile.

Email: Brief questions or concerns can easily be addressed in this manner. It provides a convenient way for you and the Dean to remain in communication. Your email will most often be answered the same day, but not longer than 48 hours later.

Mobile: If you do call and the call is terminated, please do understand that Dr.Saiya may be in a energy Medicine session or busy at the moment. A text message will be sent to you to call back the moment he can take the call. Do call between 2 - 4pm or 9 - 10 pm on weekdays only.

Payment policy for advised therapy:
During a Hamoniesation procedure,Dr.Saiya may suggest as therapy medication and/or healing stones. At the first instance he would request you to acquire the same yourself. If the same has to be acquired by the Foundation for you, the approximate cost and mail charges will be intimated to you by email/sms. A Cheque for the said amount to be mailed to the Foundation. On confirmation of the order placement and receipt of the cheque/demand draft the order will be placed.

Home / Office Visit :
For a visit to the office and residence premises of the client for harmoniesing, a payment of Rs.5000/- to be made